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Ikue Konishi



Ikue Konishi is a Japanese artist originally from Shimane, Japan, currently based in Tokyo.


2002 B.Degree in Psychology for Education, Shimane University, Japan.

2006 Painting and sculpting, Art Student League of New York, US.

2008 M.Degree in Art Education, Shimane University, Japan.

2010-13 Attended Frank Mohr Institute, Graduate school of Hanze University, The Netherlands.

2018-  The Open University of Japan, Master's Program in Arts and Humanities.

Research for the Zen in western contemporary art in the last half of the 20th century.

Recent  exhibition

2004    Gallery Kaelu, Matsue City

2016 sigh / ためいき, Cafe Tete De Bavard/WATERWORKS/横山建築事務所, Matsue City

2019 架空の風と赤い木, JINEN GALLERY, Tokyo

2020    JINEN GALLERY, Tokyo

2021 365 Cafe Gallery, Seibu-Shibuya, Tokyo 

2022    JINEN GALLERY, Tokyo

2023 365 Cafe Gallery, Seibu-Shibuya, Tokyo

Major group exhibition 

2006  -Time Piece-島の写真屋アートプロジェクト, Shimane Prefecture

2007 2007 CAF. /Contemporary Art Festival/, Nebula Matsue, Shimane art Museum

2018 Connection, 村松邸 (国登録有形文化財), Shimane Prefecture

2020   Path, GALLERY ART POINT, Tokyo



アクリルガッシュビエンナーレ 2016年 佳作


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